Which job search strategy should you choose?

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Which job search strategy should you choose?

For those who are unemployed, the job search process may seem daunting. But there is a main rule here - the choice of strategy. The job search process needs to be thought out and strategized.

Make lists for yourself
1. List of companies-employers of interest to you.

2. Contacts that will be useful: recruiters, acquaintances, colleagues, friends who present you in the company directly or through their acquaintances. The six handshake theory works. Remember, 80% of people find jobs through referrals.

3. Vacancies that you find in open sources (company website, work portals, information from colleagues). Now there are many specialized job search sites.

Remember, you cannot conduct a job search without a resume. A resume is a document that will show the recruiter that you are the best job seeker. You can trust professional resume writers from ResumeGets https://resumegets.com/ to write your resume.
Here you will be able to compose your resume for each vacancy that interests you