The best standing desks of 2022 Buying from FEZIBO

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Also ask yourself: Is the desk deep enough for me, and what shape do I need? We saw a range of models in our research some desks are narrower than others, and some are L-shaped. Consider the surface dimensions you'll need to fit all of your office essentials, such as a monitor (or t

Why do I need a standing desk?

It’s common knowledge that sitting is “the new smoking” with many of us averaging over 9 hours a day sitting at a desk. In fact, according to, “85% of workers experience discomfort on the job” especially in situations where they aren’t able to change postures during the day. As more companies began to focus on improving wellbeing in the workplace, it’s no wonder that sit-stand desks (or stand-up desks or sit-to-stand desks or height adjustable desks) are becoming increasingly popular.

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First of all, we should note that standing all day can be just as harmful as sitting all day. The best option is to change postures intermittently, moving often from sitting to standing and even perching at a stool height counter. The ideal candidate for a stand up desks is generally someone who is tied to a computer or phone at a desk and can’t easily get up to switch postures.

Another important consideration is the way in which you execute the roll out of standing desks in your office.  You could go all out (if you have the means) and give everyone a height adjustable desk, but often this is not feasible. A practical option is setting up shared sit-stand workstations throughout the office for people to use as needed.

What to look for when shopping for a standing desk

If you’re ready to buy a standing desk, these are some key factors to consider:

Size and appearance: First things first, the standing desk you choose should not only fit your home office space but the desk model itself should be suited to your height. Be sure to check the desk's maximum height if you are considered tall, since some desktops may not be high enough to comfortably use while standing flat-footed in your office.

Also ask yourself: Is the desk deep enough for me, and what shape do I need? We saw a range of models in our research — some desks are narrower than others, and some are L-shaped. Consider the surface dimensions you'll need to fit all of your office essentials, such as a monitor (or two), laptop, mouse, keyboard, a coffee mug, notepad, etc. Ensure your standing desktop has enough space for everything without feeling cluttered, while also not exceeding any weight limits on the desk itself.

Adjustability: Ease of adjustability is key, and for the most part, our experts found electronic operation easier than manual. Though you can find some manually operated standing desks at a great value, we believe that being able to adjust your desk height with the press of a button makes you more likely to alternate between sitting and standing.

You should also consider motor output and noise. Not all standing desks use the same motor, so we recommend choosing one that works for you. If you plan on frequently adjusting, choose a motor that is quieter and capable of quickly lowering or raising the desk.

Ease of assembly: Standing desks typically aren't light, so pay careful attention to delivery style and any installation instructions. Some desks are more cumbersome to put together and may require two people.

Customization: Though you can buy a standing desk as is, some offer more room for customization than others. Does the desk have a range of desktop sizes to choose from? Various finishes to match your furniture? Can the legs be customized? Are there any accessories included or possible add-ons?

Durability and stability: A well-made standing desk should be durable and is expected to last several years, but it's always wise to check the manufacturer's warranty. Your desk should also be stable, meaning that it doesn't sway if you lean your elbows against it and there's not much shaking or moving when the height is adjusted.


What are the health benefits of a standing desk?

Multiple studies support the benefits of standing desk, which include increased productivity and lowering your risk of adverse health conditions caused by sedentary habits. Another study published by the CDC found that use of a sit-stand desk reduced upper back and neck pain by 54% after just 4 weeks. Additionally, people who use standing desks report feeling like they have more energy throughout the day. Standing for a few hours every day can improve the quality of your work day, which in turn improves the quality of your life.

FEZIBO height adjustable desk are not just stand-up inspirations but some standard rectangular desks, there are endless possibilities! 

The best low-cost stand up desk on the planet

FEZIBO is one of the best electric adjustable desk that benefits from top-notch build quality and prides itself on stability. An issue which can be found with some standing desks is that they might be a bit wobbly, particularly when extended to higher levels. Uplift is nicely stable, though, thanks to built-in stability braces.

Ever since FEZIBO l shaped standing desk came along and set a new benchmark for standing desks, a lot of inferior imitations have appeared. Many of them, unsurprisingly, have had price points lower than Jarvis. We took this as a challenge: could we create a standing desk that’s more accessible to budget-conscious customers without sacrificing quality? The answer, it turned out, was yes. And the result was FEZIBO,An affordable standing desk.

One thing we knew from the start: we refused to reduce the desk to a single motor. Each lifting column on FEZIBO has its own dedicated motor which is key to providing a powerful, smooth, and stable lift when adjusting your desk height.

With a clean design and functionality as simple as it gets, FEZIBO height adjustable desk  fits right into the flow of any office, home, or dorm room. It’s a desk that enables you to sit, stand, lean, and stretch throughout the day, keeping you moving, engaged, and loving how you feel while you work.

FEZIBO height adjustable desk is topped with our beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo desktops. From top to frame, we've streamlined assembly to make it possible for you to have your desk up and running in fifteen minutes.